Dine with Nine

Dine With Nine was established approximately 16 years ago as a small group endeavor to help members get to know one another on a more personal level.  A kick-off dinner at Berwick Party House is held each August for interested members.  The groups are divided into (ideally) nine people each and typically meet from September to June but some groups elect to continue meeting throughout the summer.  They meet once a month to dine together, with each member taking a turn in selecting a restaurant.  Each group collectively decides on the day of the week and time which best suits its members.

Currently Brookwood has six Dine With Nine groups.  All meet during the dinner hour with the exception of one which prefers to meet for lunch. You do not have to commit to be a member of one of the monthly groups to attend.  Just plan to spend a pleasant evening enjoying a good meal and socializing with a fun group.

If you would like to be added to a Dine with Nine Group, please contact the church office at 614-235-3451.