Organizational Structure



SESSION:  The governing body of the church and consists of Co-Pastors, Clerk of Session and the 9 Elders in active service. The Session is responsible for the mission and government of our church.

DEACONS:  The Board of Deacons, currently 12 members, functions under the authority of the Session and is charged with the responsibility of ministering to those in need, the sick, the friendless, and those in distress.


Building & Grounds:  Maintaining our building and grounds is the overall responsibility of this MU.  The specific duties are many, but might be summarized as doing whatever is required to maintain our church and provide a safe, clean environment for all members. 

Education: Overseeing and administering the education plan for Brookwood means this group is responsible for Sunday School Classes for youth and adults, teacher training, youth fellowship activities, Vacation Bible School and Confirmation classes.  Maintaining the church library also falls under its jurisdiction.

Fellowship: Fellowship and membership have been combined for this MU.  Monitoring attendance records and how they relate to membership nurture in an important, ongoing activity.  Efforts to bring new members into the church family and focus on visitors until they become members is part of that process.  Planning and executing fellowship activities for Brookwood members (Dine With Nine, etc.) is included in the nurturing work of this MU.

Finance/Stewardship:  The primary purpose of this MU is to oversee and handle matters which relate to the financial needs and concerns of Brookwood.  This includes monitoring investments, working with our bookkeeper on financial records, and taking care of member offerings.  Monitoring the Foundation Fund and stewardship campaigns are also part of this MU’s duties.

Mission Outreach:  Involving the congregation in mission projects in the local community and the world at large is the primary focus of this MU.  Brookwood’s Food Pantry, Dinners for Faith Mission, Sandwiches for Friends of the Homeless, and Thanksgiving Harvest Table all help provide support to local agencies.  One Great Hour of Sharing and Peacemaking Offerings and other endeavors involve us in the world at large.

Personnel:  Helping to achieve Brookwood’s stated mission and goals by effective administration of our paid staff is part of this MU’s stated purpose.  This involves hiring and periodic reviews of work goals, performance and compensation.

Worship:  This MU is charged with responsibility to oversee, guide, and offer advice for the public worship and music ministry of our church.  It oversees communion schedules, ushers and acolytes, altar flowers, and liturgical banners.  It also consults and works with the Music Director to fulfill the music needs of the church.